Distance posts are erected along Hong Kong Trail at every 500m, from numbers H001 to H100. These numbered posts can help to identify your location. There are two types of wooden signs: the large ones indicate road crossings, destinations of different directions, distances and estimated walking time. The small sign is carved "dual hikers" to show the directions.

Wooden Signs
Wooden Signs
Distance Posts
Distance Posts

Route of Green Power Hike

The organiser will put up special signs (as shown in right) at junctions to indicate the correct directions on the event day.
Green Power Hike Special Sign
Starting Point: The Peak
Finishing Point: Big Wave Bay
50km Route
Finishing Point: Tai Tam Country Park Barbecue Area 2
End Point: Big Wave Bay

25km Route
Starting Point: Aberdeen Country Park P.H.A.B. Barbecue Site
End Point: The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Sandilands Centre
10km Route