Ecology of Hong Kong Trail

The Hong Kong Trail, ranked among the World's 10 Best City Hikes by Lonely Planet, stretches 50 kilometers across 5 country parks, and passes through 7 reservoirs. Indulge yourself in the panoply of beautiful landscapes and rich biodiversity in the highlands, valleys, streams and the lush woodlands! Open your attentive eyes, fascinating animals and plants are all along the trail!

Abundant in attractions, the eight-sectioned Hong Kong Trail yields CNN Travel recommended routes for rookie hikers. Closely connected to the urban area, the picture-perfect Victoria vista is just half an hour away from the hustle.

Enjoy the eco-rich excursion while competing the Green Power Hike! Get your sweat on the undulating Island ridge!

Routes of Hong Kong Trail
Section 1 to 2 ( The Peak > Peel Rise )
Section 3 ( Peel Rise > Wan Chai Gap )
Section 4 ( Wan Chai Gap > Wong Nai Chung Gap )
Section 5 ( Wong Nai Chung Gap > Mount Parker Road )
Section 6 ( Mount Parker Road > Tai Tam Road )
Section 7 ( Tai Tam Road > To Tei Wan )
Section 8 ( To Tei Wan > Big Wave Bay )