Supply Facilities on Hong Kong Trail
Location/ places that can buy food & drinks:
  • Convenience stores at The Peak (Section 1)
  • Store at Wan Chi Gap Park (Section 3)
  • Aberdeen P.H.A.B. Barbecue Area Kiosk (Section 3)
  • Convenience store in the Petrol station at wong Nai Chung Gap Road (Section 4)
  • Drink vending Machine at Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park (Section 4)
  • Supermarket at Parkview (Section 5)
  • Store at To Tei Wan (Section 7)
  • Stores at Big Wave Bay Village, Shek O (Section 8)
Location of Drinking Water Fountains / Water Filling Stations:

(The facilities are provided by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department)

  • Pok Fu Lam Reservoir (Section 1)
  • Aberdeen P.H.A.B. Barbecue Area Kiosk (Section 3)
  • Tai Tam BBQ Site (Section 5)
  • Woodside Biodiversity Education Centre, Mount Parker Road (Section 5)
  • Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir (Section 6)
Hong Kong Trail Supply Facilities Map