My Green Hike
Before the event, participants can:
  • Enroll, submit donation and sponsorship form online to save paper.
  • Obtain latest event details by browsing Green Power Hike Website, and avoid printing.
  • Consider whether you really need the event T-shirt or Souvenirs.
  • Bring your own bag on Material Collection Day to collect your materials.
  • Bring your own bottle and bring your litter away (leave-no-trace) during your practice or pre-trip.
  • Read the section of Ecology of Hong Kong Trail, appreciate the natural beauty and biodiversity along the trail.
On the event day, participants can:
  • Join Green Power Hike x Eco Clean Up ACTION, to clean up the Hong Kong Trail.
  • Keep the countryside clean by taking away your own litter, recyclable items can be recycled at the recycling station at the end point and checkpoints.
  • Bring two reusable bottles for water and Pocari Sweat to reduce usage of plastic bottles. (Bottled drinks and paper cups are not provided.)
  • Reuse all bottles. If you have to recycle any bottles, please recycle it at the recycling station at the end point and checkpoints.
  • Travel to the start point by means of public transport or our free shuttle bus.
  • Bring your own towel instead of using tissue papers.
  • Not leave cigarettes or kindling materials along the trail, or at checkpoints.
Join the Ongoing Clean-up Efforts!
  • Download the free “Nature Rescue” mobile app, join clean-ups anytime, and actively contribute to restoring cleanliness in the countryside.
  • Use the app to report rubbish hotspots and collectively identify more areas that require clean-ups.